For users of Neko Network, when you read the contents below, please consider all MAZE as NEKO. They are identical.

The Money Market

Maze is a decentralized non-custodial and over-collateralized money market with a specially designed adaptive incentive system as an economic drive. The money suppliers provide liquidity or solid savings in the protocol to earn passive income at dynamic reward rates, while the borrowers occupy funds at zero interest.

The Farming System

The farming of Maze token is powered by a transparent computation protocol, which is a Farmbase Thread. The Farmbase Thread is a blockchain focusing on guiding income distribution for each Maze farming cycle but costing little on main blockchains like Ethereum. It keeps collecting raw data of Maze MP activities from the main blockchain ledger and then applying computation functions of Stratified Harvest Regulators, and thus generating sMAZE as the reward delegation tokens for Maze smart contracts to validate farmers' claim requests.
A Farmbase explorer is provided for Maze users to verify their reward computation and accumulation history at any moment.