Mining Computation Model
The main mission of Mining Computation is to calculate every underlying mining pool(MP)'s MAZE reward per cycle. It needs to find out the objective functions for all MPs.
After the MPs' reward allocations are determined, the farming delegation tokens in the contract can make the final distribution for farmers.
Due to the posterior design, the MPs' final status cannot be pre-decided until one cycle ends.

The Procedure

Maze's core mining protocol is basically a yield distribution procedure ruled by Stratified Harvest Regulators, including
  • Global Yield Distribution It works on top of the three main partitions: Tabby, Siamese, Ragdoll.
  • Supplied Value Ratio Balancing It controls the reward distribution between Stablecoin Supply and MAZE Supply in Tabby.
  • Simple Value Weighted Distribution It help distributing rewards among asset supply based on their supplied values.
  • Funding Occupation Ratio Balancing It controls the reward distribution between Reserve and Funding in each type of asset supply.
  • Farming Delegation Tokens It finalizes the reward distribution for individual accounts in each MP.
The chart shows the reward distribution order.
At the start the computation, we need to know the configuration of the pools and their status in the past cycle. Then, the distribution goes through the logical pool structures according to the regulating algorithm, until it reaches the final MP.
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