User Guidelines
For users of Neko Network, when you read the contents below, please consider all MAZE as NEKO. They are identical.


Maze is a decentralized banking service where you can supply funds to earn passive revenue and borrow funds at zero interest.

Get Connected

You need to connect to your wallet before applying any services.
After authorization, you will have access to all functions.


Supplying assets is the fundamental behavior you can do on Maze. You can supply permitted assets into their catteries accordingly.
  • Only assets in Funding can be utilized as your collaterals or be borrowed by others. If you want to be a borrower, make sure you have assets in Funding.
  • All asset supply gives you farming delegation tokens for you to earn rewards.
You can withdraw the funds anytime. The assets in Funding could be limited for withdrawal if you've used your Borrow Credit.


When you already have assets supplied in Funding, you will get Borrow Credit based on the assets' LTV factor. You can borrow permitted assets no more than your Borrow Credit, calculated in US Dollars.
Although you won’t be charged of any interest, but still be cautious — don’t get under-watered!
You can repay the borrowed assets anytime.


If you've supplied assets, you will receive farming delegation tokens (rmtoken, fmtoken, lpMAZE) in your wallet. You must stake them into corresponding Maze Catteries to earn your rewards.


There will be a polling system for everyone to participate in the protocol governance. Use rMAZE as your ballots.
MIPs: protocol parameters, listing or delisting catteries, adjusting banking factors, etc.


You can monitor the accounts, discover the unhealthy ones and help liquidating, to prevent them from being insolvent. In return, you will get the collateral assets cheaper.