Harvest Restriction

Harvest Cooldown Interval

To every MP, there is a minimum interval of one harvest operation. Each time after you harvest one MP, you won't be allowed to harvest again until the cooldown is over.
The cooldown interval for all MPs is 24 hours.

Harvest Ratio Limitation

To every MP, there is a maximum amount ratio of one harvest operation. Each time when you harvest one MP, you can only claim the limited amount of MAZE reward accumulated in that MP.
Different MPs have their own ratio parameters. See here.

Reward Packaging

To prevent Farmbase Thread from overloading, sMAZE is not minted to the farmer mapping contracts on Farmbase until you trigger on your own. Therefore, it requires you to package your rewards on Farmbase before you can claim them on a targetchain, e.g. Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain.
Please note: only packaged rewards can be claimed.
The packaging operation is also limited to a 24-hour cooldown interval per account.
The packaging operation is a universal effect, so all of the pools' rewards will be packaged at the same time.
It is recommended to proceed a packaging operation each time when you want to harvest, no matter one-click compound or harvesting a single pool.
No gas fee is charged for packaging.
To understand what is Farmbase, check here.