Reserve As Governance

Maze Governance

Maze uses Reserve As Governance to decentralize power. Anyone who deposits MAZE into MAZE Reserve Pool will get the delegation token rMAZE, which plays the role of the voting right, as well as other important functions including Service Membership and Protocol Revenue Share.
Using rMAZE, users are able to vote for proposals or initiate new proposals which are called Maze Improvement Proposals (MIPs). MIPs cover various topics such as parameter adjustments, algorithm upgrades, economics, and protocol developments, etc.
The following issues are allowed to be adjusted in the future:
    Asset listing/removing
    Risk management of the lending system
    Global Yield Distribution
    Global Yield Speed Factor
    Harvest restriction
    Membership requirement
    Insurance Fund
The following parts of the SHR algorithm are allowed to be upgraded in the future:
    Supplied Value Ratio Balancing formula
    Funding Occupation Ratio Balancing formula
    New additional regulators

Neko Governance

Currently not available.
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