ISO Related

What is ISO?

Initial SHR Offering (ISO) is the innovative launching procedure exclusively operating on Maze/Neko core protocol. Before the start of an ISO, the token team locks up an initial liquidity in a target DEX which provides price feeding to SHR. The team must also deposit a certain amount of the new token into Maze/Neko protocol and turn into the first farmer of their token. During this ISO, all money suppliers on the protocol will be rewarded with this new token based on the SHR algorithm, and are aiming to compound the rewards. The team’s deposit will be automatically burnt as the users’ rewards are re-staked. Once the team’s deposit is fully replaced, the ISO is finished and the withdrawal of the new token starts opening.
The world's first ISO is the one of Neko's, and thus NEKO token is a fair launch. It will take place once Neko Network is deployed.

How long will ISO last?

It will last 56-84 days depending on the replacement progress of the ignition fuel. If you want to accelerate the ISO event, compound your rewards and tell your fellows to do so!

Do I have to buy NEKO to take part in ISO?

No. You can supply assets like BUSD, USDT, USDC, BNB, ETH, BTCB and CAKE to farm for NEKO. Only if you want to compete for the rewards in Ragdoll Cattery, you will have to stake NEKO-BNB-LP tokens.

Will my assets be locked during ISO?

No. You can withdraw your supplied assets any moment you want, except NEKO you compound.

If I withdraw my assets, will my reward disappear?

No. Your generated reward remain yours and you can withdraw it after ISO.

Why are the buttons of NEKO supply and withdrawal not responding?

It is because the NEKO deposit is disabled during ISO. You can only supply NEKO by compounding your reward.

Why are the buttons of NEKO borrow and repay not responding?

It is because NEKO is not allowed to be borrowed during ISO. You can borrow other listed assets.

Can I borrow an asset and supply it again into the asset pool?

Yes, you can, but please be cautious with your health factor. Don't get liquidated.

If I cannot claim NEKO rewards to my wallet during ISO, what else can I do?

You can and you should actively compound your NEKO reward every day in order to get more rewards and help pushing the ISO progress.

What are the fees to be charged during ISO?

In Reserve Pools there is 0.1% withdrawal fee. In Ragdoll Cattery there is 1% withdrawal fee. Also there is 5% harvest fee when you compound your reward. However, there is no fee for Funding Pools or borrowing.