Neko Network
Akin to Polkadot's canary network Kusama, Maze will first deploy on an experimental network, named Neko. Neko will launch on the mainnet with functions identical to Maze's design, and the native token is NEKO. The objectives of Neko include testifying the feasibility of the product in the real world given controllable risks, and being a long-term trial platform for new functions in the future, which means that Neko always has a faster version evolution than Maze. Please note, as an experimental platform, the operation of Neko could be relatively centralized.

Neko Core

Neko Core dApp provides the core functions of the money market: supply, loans and liquidation.


The creditor funds the asset pools to invest in the strip bonds. The Reserve Pools generate cross-chain drawing rights while the Funding Pools generate local-chain borrow credits. Both pool types generate the passive income NEKO.


The debtor gets funded by issuing zero-coupon bonds to the protocol. The borrow fee on the zero-coupon bonds belongs to the Treasury.


The liquidator can repay the loan and earn the collateral in return when liquidating an unhealthy account.

Neko Forge

Neko Forge dApp provides the premium functions of the money market: to forge and melt ZUSD.

Forge & Melt ZUSD

The client funds the Forge Pool to invest in the strip bonds and get the forge credit. ZUSD loans operate based on the zero-coupon bond. The protocol recycles 1 ZUSD at a value of 1 USD at any moment and releases the NEKO collateral.

ZUSD Liquidator

The liquidator can repay ZUSD and earn the NEKO collateral in return when liquidating an unhealthy account in the Forge Pool.

Neko Council

Neko Council dApp provides the supportive functions of the money market: data analysis, governance and revenue sharing.


The dashboard provides statistical services on the global status of the money market.


Any account can initiate a proposal or vote for one with the rNEKO balance that reaches the requirement.


The Finance Department annually collects the protocol income from the Treasury and distributes the gains to the accounts which hold rNEKO in the long term.

Neko Terminal

Neko Terminal dApp provides the cross-chain drawing right transfer ability based on the Reserve Pool liquidity, and the atomic migration service of the NEKO token.


The Departure Terminal locks and burns the delegation token pair (or NEKO) and reports the cross-chain transfer order. If multiple arrival addresses are needed to hide the trace, more fees will be charged (belong to the Treasury).


The Arrival Terminal receives the cross-chain transfer order to mint and release the delegation token pair on the arrival chain.

Farmbase Scan

Farmbase Scan provides advanced analysis services and the search engines for every Neko account to look up transactions on the middleware.