A Zero-Interest Money Market Powered by A Liberalized Interest-Rate Pricing Instrument
Maze is the world’s first decentralized, over-collateralized universal money market that allows for zero-interest lending, where lenders dedicate funds into asset pools from which borrowers can initiate loans. Maze’s core objective is to establish a money market liquidity pool for various crypto assets that can be lent without interest, with suppliers earning effective interest rates synthetically provided by the native MAZE token.
Maze’s core protocol is composed of smart contracts that manage a group of non-custodial asset pools in a trustless manner through the issuance of and investment in Perpetual Smart Bonds (PSB). The protocol automatically manages the issuance and settlement in these on-chain bond instruments (strip bonds in traditional finance parlance) to provide liquidity from the crypto market. The determination of these perpetual smart bonds’ synthetic and adaptive interest rates relies on a newly invented Liberalized Interest-rate Pricing Instrument which is the protocol’s native MAZE cryptocurrency.
Transcending Universal Basic Income (UBI), Maze Protocol programmatically allocates sustainable Monetary Basic Income (MBI) to all liquidity suppliers in perpetuity.
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Next-Gen Cyber Bank

Maze provides a magical money market with the best services and features.
  • You have a chance to borrow at ZERO interest.
  • The short-term cost of your loan is fixed.
  • The long-term interest rate of your loan can be close to ZERO.
  • You can supply assets as the safe savings or the funding collaterals on your decision.
  • You can always make an income by supplying assets, no matter you're willing to lend them or not.
  • You can supply and borrow many kinds of listed high-quality assets.
  • We never have custody of your assets, since Maze is fully decentralized and transparent.
  • You can migrate your cross-chain assets unlimitedly with your privacy protected.
As a $MAZE hodler, you can have privileges guaranteed by the codes.
  • You have access to the zero-interest loan service.
  • You have various farming options using $MAZE exclusively.
  • You will earn more and harvest faster than the other users.
  • You have rights to share the revenue of the core protocol even if you are not supplying assets to the protocol.
  • You have rights on voting for proposals to decide things like adjusting parameters, listing your favorite assets, etc.

Neko Experimental Network

Neko Network is an experimental network of Maze Protocol to test SHR's abilities and risks in a real economic condition. NEKO is the core token which plays the same role as MAZE in its own network. All functions of Neko are identical to Maze's, while NEKO token is issued via a fair launch process named Initial SHR Offering, so there is no presale of NEKO.
Neko welcomes all warriors to join this great adventure! Abundant prizes are ahead!


Just one decade ago, Bitcoin liberated the rights of currency issuance from the state and triggered a monetary revolution. To this day thousands of cryptocurrencies have formed a monetary system outside traditional finance. Nevertheless, the self-determination power of this new system still remains questionable, because it is woefully lacking in infrastructures that would provide self-adjustment abilities, leading to an excessive dependency on the influence of legacy capital. A new financial paradigm is urgently needed, one that is impossible to be replaced by traditional frameworks, in order to help the crypto world perfect its unique financial system, and to ensure its freedom and enhance its influence. Only in this way, wealth and values can be continuously attracted to cross the bridge connecting the old world to the new one and settle.
As a multidimensional monetary system, the crypto world has no effective monetary policy tools yet - after all, cryptocurrencies are denationalized. In this space it is the algorithms and project governance that rule the monetary policies, making the liquidity more difficult to control by a single centralized party. Fortunately, the booming of decentralized finance (DeFi) brought the dawn for the solutions that AMMs, lending protocols and yield farming have had unprecedented effects on liquidity guidance, though there is still not a universal, regular and self-sustaining tool to regulate the gathering and release of liquidity.
Maze aims to create this disruptive possibility: a vision that is fused by a layered, borderless, unstoppable financial structure, an interest-rate instrument with its power distributed to all market participants, a liquidity scalable facility driven by arbitrage and an elastic community of interest. In the future layers of liquidity, Maze is an institution-layer protocol, and is likely to be the monetary protocol of all protocols. It will bring:
  • Automation and trustless execution, meaning ultimately low-cost and high-efficiency.
  • Funding costs that can be completely fixed in the short term.
  • Funding costs that can be close to zero in the long term.
  • Investment income that is smart, composable and unified globally.
  • Transporting costs and adjusting liquidity of the protocol simultaneously by arbitrage markets.
  • Interest-rate Instruments as assets.
  • New Interest-rate Instrument derivatives.
Currently, one concern is that during the enrichment of crypto market products, the path-dependency towards the traditional world has been progressively revealed. It causes a phenomena that in fact many dApps or protocols’ tokens are not designed based on a core-drive target, or in the other words, the issuance of the tokens is not truly necessary. Different from most projects, Maze self-consciously holds a faith of ‘Only-In-Crypto’, which means to pre-examine the solution’s design whether it complies with the definition that ‘it is only possible to be realized based on crypto and impossible to be realized in the traditional world’. Afterwards, the protocol and its requisite native token can be delivered.
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